Monday, May 11, 2009

Victims face Deportation

Leticia Avila, apparently a member of the LDS Church, reported used her Church connections to scam undocumented residents out of $4,000 each, promising them they would receiving work visas.

Victims of the scam say that immigration officials offered them work visas in exchange for testimony against Avila. Avila has not been charged, but the victims who testified have been arrested and told they will be deported.

A comment posted to the story reads, "An illegal immigrant by any other name is still an illegal immigrant...and needs to leave. I don't care if they are the suspect or the victim. That makes no difference to me. These people came uninvited."

Another read, "They got exactly what they deserved. And they should take their kids with them!"

Also of note is a large number of negative comments aimed at the LDS Church.

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