Monday, May 11, 2009

Christian High School Student Threatened with Suspension for Attending a non-Christian Prom

An ABC news report which relates the story of four teens who were denied permission to attend proms, tells of a young man attending a Christian High School who was informed that if attended prom at the non-Christian high school of his girlfriend, he would be suspended and not allowed to graduate with his class.

According to the article, his school does not permit "dancing, listening to rock music and holding hands and kissing".

A comment to the article read, "I am so glad I dropped the entire Christian religion thing. Intolerance and threats may not be the foundation to that religion, but it is certainly what is practiced in its organized sense."

Although the intent of the article appears to be to relate how school officials are at times heavy handed in denying students access to proms, in the current atmosphere of the battle over gay rights, the story of the young man attend the Christian high school may also be seen as demonstrating another case of Christians intolerance.

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