Thursday, May 21, 2009

Arrests on Southern Border Drop

The Washington Post reported today that the number of arrests along the U.S.-Mexico border dropped by 27% over the last year, with the number now standing at the lowest level since the early 1970's.

The Post article notes that the decline in the number of arrests, along with the decline in remittances back to Mexico, and Mexican census data all would seem to indicate that the number of individuals entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico is in fact down. (See also Mexican Data Says Migration to U.S. Has Plummeted)

  • Community organizations, church groups, etc. who have been serving the Hispanic population may notice a decline in the populations they serve, OR
  • They may find that the populations they serve are in greater need because of increased enforcement and fewer opportunities to find employment in the U.S.
  • Additionally, churches who were revitalizing their congregations by recruiting Hispanic immigrants may notice a decline in recent arrivals to the U.S., or
  • They may find that Hispanics are less inclined to join predominantly Anglo congregations or denominations, particularly if members of those congregations/denominations are vocal in decrying illegal immigration.
Perhaps the most disappointing and concerning aspect of the Washington Post article was the virulent nature of some of the comments posted to the story. One commenter suggested:
Solution: Create a "No-man Zone" on the border and let our military constantly use it for bombing practice!
Another wrote:
I prefer a 2,000 mile long, densely packed minefield as a solution. Blow a few limbs off and it becomes more difficult to complete, or re-attempt a crossing. Then Mexico can begin spending all of those remittances they're currently receiving on rehab for all the stumps.

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