Thursday, May 14, 2009

The face of Utah is changing fast

A Deseret News article today comments on the newly released Census estimates which show that since 2000, the minority population in Utah has grown three times as fast as the white non-Hispanic population. They note that in Salt Lake County, one in four residents is now a minority.

Online, the first screen of the story seems to emphasize the growth of the Hispanic population. In fact, the article begins by noting the increased number of taco carts around the corner of State Street and 800 South in Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately, as would be expected, comments posted to the story tend to emphasize the growth of the Mexican population, and illegal immigration. One individual wrote:
If Utah is getting more like Mexico, that's because it's getting worse. I've been to Mexico; for the most part it's a dump. Certain parts of Salt Lake City are starting to look like it too.
Another commented:
Ah, isn't that nice. The Third World coming to Utah making things look and operate more like Mexico Lindo every day.
And as on previous occasions, there are those comments that snipe at the LDS Church:
What is that thing called ?? Article of Faith? We believe in obeying the laws of the land, etc. Smirk. We do?? If it is convenient maybe.

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